Alilo – irreplaceable in any activity, any journey, anytime.

About two weeks ago, my wife suggested to give our daughter as a gift one of Alilo bunnies – G6 a.k.a. Honey Bunny. We knew those bunnies quite well, from Kid’s Time expo, where we touched, saw and heard what they can. I had to mention that it was her idea, not mine, to give that bunny to Amelia, because personally I thought it’s a bit too expensive, it’s just a sound making toy, nice, but we could find many other toys at that price… A wise man said: “Don’t say NO to your wife unless you like to sleep on a sofa.” And this is how Bunny got to our home.

It took less than 5 minutes to change my opinion about it’s price. When we turned it on for the first time at home, we understood that we have been deceived! Inside the exposition center, with all the noise around and strong artificial light we couldn’t hear those bunnies properly – at home, we were truly shocked when we heard songs played by bunny’s speaker. Shocked in a very positive way. It doesn’t sound like a toy, absolutely! Better than mobile, better than laptop, better than TV. I could compare it to a branded portable speaker. I don’t want to write about all the futures, this you can read from product page ( More than that, I want to explain how I change my opinion about Alilo Honey Bunny from neutral to the biggest fan.

Our daughter didn’t start to speak very early. Every child develops in different way, what’s more, it is more difficult to learn to speak if the child hear different language at home, different language in childcare and even another one during shopping. Of course children catch languages easier than adults. My point is that Amelia is very encouraged to speak and record her voice using that bunny. I can hear her progress, it really helps and it’s not any kind of exercise we want her to do, it’s how she plays and she enjoys it. For me very useful is the color changing light, it is perfect to let her fall asleep in her room and then automatically turns off.

Honey Bunny became Amelia’s favorite toy and took place of Peppa Pig. Now we take bunny everywhere. Doesn’t matter if we play on the yard or going for a walk. Bunny adapts to everything: basket on the bike, doll’s pram, night table, but the best it fits her arms when she sleep.

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