Delivery - when is it free, how long it takes? - Ladybug Online Store Offers

Delivery – when is it free, how long it takes?

In our online store delivery is free for orders with minimum value of just €25 and it doesn’t matter if you live in Malta, Gozo. There’s no extra charges for Gozo or extended delivery time. Both islands are even.

You can’t come to our shop and try things, because our store exist only in the internet, but as a compensation we have extended the Free Return Policy up to 30 days – so if your not happy with your order you can send the unused items back to our address in Gozo and get 100% money back within 14 days.

Delivery - when is it free, how long it takes? - Ladybug Online Store Offers

To give you the best offer, some of the most popular products are already here in Gozo ready to be delivered by courier within 48 hours, but less popular or more expensive products will be shipped from Poland. To increase the variety of offered products, but in the meantime avoiding dusted warehouse full of unsold items, part of our products is available at delivery extended to 10 working days. There’s no extra cost for the international shipping and no risk as well, because ordered products will be send directly from the producer (no wholesaler involved) by local courier to our chosen shipping company in Cracow from where it will be transported on wheels directly to Malta. We are the first receiver in Malta, so we always can confirm that order is in a great condition and there was no mistake when packing. Then your order with printed receipt can be delivered to your place by courier from MaltaPost.

To make it more clear and visible we are adding one of two graphics to every product page, informing how long will the delivery take: up to 48 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays, or up to 10 working days.

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