It’s about time for the first post

Only 11 days and exactly 42 minutes left to start our website. There’s still lots of work and most probably it’s  not even possible to be ready in such a short time but my wife always says I should be more optimistic, so instead of solving problems with hosting and plugins or adding more products I decided to take a short break and finally post something!

First of all forgive me – I am a crappy writer and never had nothing to do with blogging, but I’ll try my best and hopefully get better with time. Nobody’s born perfect, right? Maybe except kids.

For consolation I can tell you that one month ago my wife, daughter and I went to Poland for a couple of meetings. It was a great time. Amelia spent some time with her grandparents and cousins while we were visiting manufacturers one after the other. Easy and popular way is to buy products from wholesaler, but this is something what we try to avoid. During that time we met really nice guys. We were expecting something more like quick interview with secretary or delegated employee, but the reality was different. Most places we have visited we were treated very well, owners told us a lot of thing about their products, companies, new trends, but also a lot of private things. Most of them are family companies and in deed we could feel a family atmosphere. If we are going to sell products, guarantee their quality, be the best on the Maltese market, it’s necessary to know everything about the product and also people who made it. Another important thing is the price. Skipping wholesaler we skip his margin, so we can offer lower prices – don’t believe to my words, just check our price lists. Did you ever have that disappointing experience, when you choose a shiny product from the display or online store listing and then you get old, dusty box with strange smell which spent years in warehouses? Forget. I will tell you more. Some of our partners like Wiejar or Dorjan (pushchairs manufacturers) will make their products on your request. Just couldn’t be newer! It also means that there is always a chance to make some little changes, for example if you like some pushchair but some part you prefer in a different colour or instead of pumped wheels you prefer ones made of gel, just let us know and they will do their best to please you. Of course production process will extend awaiting time, but it’s still not so bad. Production takes up to 14 days plus 5-7 days for the shipping, sometimes it’s just worth it to wait 3 weeks and get premium quality product made just for you (or your baby).

Speaking of pushchairs I can reveal you one secret. In September we will have some super low prices on pushchairs. We will call it “Monthly Happy Deals”.

I think I wrote a bit too much. Going back to work. Take care!