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Why is it worth carrying?

Being a parent is a wonderful fulfilment, though, it is full of renouncement and hardship. You spend most of your time for caring about your baby because you would like him / her to be the happiest person under the sun. In such moments it is difficult to find time for other activities and sometimes it may be irritating. Therefore, it is worth thinking about solutions making parents ‘ life easier. It is worth carrying.



In this article from Zaffiro’s blog you will read about three great benefits of carrying babies in slings or in baby carriers:


1. Carried babies are happier and cry less.

According to research, carried babies cry 43% less by day and 54% less in the evening. It is clearly seen in societies in which babies are carried nearly all the time and cry much less. Thanks to this they do not lose their energy for crying but focus on observing surroundings just from the first moment of their life.


2. Carrying positively influences the psychosocial movement of baby.

Carrying “heart with heart” in the rhythm of your breath and sound of your heart, you give your baby a sense of safety. You makes his / her start easier and make him / her feel surer in the unknown world so far. The position of vigil got during carrying in a sling or in a baby carrier gives your baby better effects of learning the surrounding. Baby sees the world from his/her parent’s level, which is an ideal way of easy adopting of social abilities and stimulating external stimuli. The same your baby has a chance for a faster and fruitful intellectual development.


3. Carrying  positively influences physical development of baby.

While you carry your baby each your movement is accompanied by your baby’s movement, which positively influences the development of his/her musculoskeletal system. Besides, warmth and rocking absorbed by your baby supports his/her digestive system and function of other organs. It is a very good method of decreasing onerous colic and constipation. By carrying your baby in a sling or in a baby carrier you avoid the deformation of his/her skull, which appears after baby spends too much time in car seats,  prams, or swings lying. What’s more, carrying provides your baby with a comfortable position as well as natural spreading his/her legs and hands, in particular, his/her hip joints. In effect, you not only influence the right development of your baby’s body and his/her motor activity but also his/her balance sense.


Additionally, carrying in slings or in baby carriers:

  • guarantees baby warmth and closeness in which he/she feels safe and comfortable,
  • helps parents to communicate with their baby,
  • enables parents to take their baby for an interesting trip or walk to hard accessible places,
  • helps parents to cope with daily challenges.


The presented article comes from the blog of the Zaffiro brand – a recommended producer of children’s articles, valued for professionalism, high quality of products and focusing on the proper development of a child.

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