Mercedes AMG GLC 63S black


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Mercedes AMG GLC 63S

The Mercedes AMG GLC 63S is a Toyz licensed battery vehicle, which is modeled on the expressive and dynamic SUV of the German brand. The distinctive body line and unique design of the lights prove its uniqueness. The seat is covered with eco-leather and has 5-point safety belts with overlays on the shoulders. The comfort of the ride is ensured by the foam wheels, while parents will love the retractable wheels for easy carrying and the remote control. Mercedes has a multimedia panel with bluetooth and FM radio and a steering wheel with buttons that activate sounds. It is powered by two 45W motors and a 12V 7Ah battery.


What you gain by choosing Mercedes AMG GLC 63S:

  • An SUV with a unique appearance thanks to the use of a license from the Mercedes brand
  • various possibilities of play – the child can drive a battery car or let you control it with a remote control comfort
  • eco-leather driver’s seat EVA wheels
  • easy transport of the car thanks to the retractable transport wheels at the rear of the vehicle
  • the so-called slow start – the car accelerates gradually.
  • security 5-point seat belts, automatic brake

Have fun with your toddler – the GLC 63S offers many surprises:

  • opening door
  • led lights: front and rear steering
  • wheel with horn and buttons that start melodies
  • illuminated multimedia panel with bluetooth,FM radio and AUX inputs (mini jack), USB, microSD
  • exceptional power thanks to two 12V motors (with a total power of 90 W)
  • Clear instructions and easy assembly

Technical data:

  • Age range: 3-8 years old
  • Dimensions: 115x74x57 cm
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Weight limit: 25 kg
  • Power supply: 2 x 45W 12V motor (90W in total) 1 x battery (7Ah 12V)
  • Seat dimensions: 38x19x28 cm
  • Package dimensions: 116 x 62 x 38 cm


  Toyz by Caretero is a brand of the IKS 2 group, which also incorporates such baby brands as Caretero i Sensillo. The group’s Idea is to offer good quality products for great prices. We believe that the biggest joy is in the active discovering of the surrounding world, in a safe way. This is what we want to give the kids and their parents, for affordable prices.

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