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Humidifier - Ladybug Online Store

Humidifier - Ladybug Online Store  


Humidifier - Ladybug Online Store


Air humidifier with a hygrometer and a thermometer, controlled by a remote control. Proper air humidification is necessary not only for people with respiratory diseases, but also for the health of all of us. By taking care of proper hydration in dry rooms, we will avoid problems with breathing, concentration, sleep disorders or dry skin.


The MM-719 Nessim intelligent air humidifier has an automatic humidity maintenance function. The built-in hygrostat controls and maintains the air humidity at a constant level, without the need for monitoring by the user.

The device comes complete with a water softening and purifying filter that removes odors and absorbs impurities.

The device is controlled by: backlit, touch control panel and remote control, thanks to which you can operate it remotely. The LCD screen additionally displays the humidity value and air temperature.

Full comfort of use is ensured by very quiet operation (35dB) and the possibility of individual selection of parameters: selection of humidification power by adjusting the amount of mist produced: small, medium, large
electronic timer, allows you to set the working time according to your needs
in the night mode, the humidifier works extremely quietly; the audible alarms and the display are off

A practical, large, four-liter water tank allows continuous operation for up to 14 hours, and the TOP FILLING design allows you to conveniently fill it from above, without having to remove it.

The humidifier has a protection system against too low a water level, thanks to which the user does not have to worry about turning off the humidifier when the water runs out – it will automatically turn itself off.

In addition, the device has a built-in thermometer that measures the air temperature.

Humidifier - Ladybug Online Store

Humidifier - Ladybug Online Store

Technical data:

  • Better air quality – better well-being: Restores proper humidity in dry rooms by emitting a cool mist
    Healthy humidification – the water softening and purifying filter absorbs odors, removes impurities in the water. Peaceful sleep – in the night mode, very quiet operation, sound alarms turned off and the display turned off
  • Adaptation to the user’s needs – Automatic humidity maintenance function – the ability to set the selected level of air humidity, which the device automatically controls and maintains at a constant level, without the need for monitoring by the user. Selection of humidification power – adjustment of the amount of mist produced: small, medium, large. Timer – setting the working time of the humidifier
  • Comfort of use – Remote control – remote control improves the comfort of use Illuminated touch panel – intuitive and accurate setting of time and type of work. Large container – 4l ensuring continuous operation up to 14 hours.. Hygienic – very easy to clean. Convenient operation – filling with water from the top
  • Additional properties – Safe – system of protection against too low water level – automatic shutdown after emptying the water tank. Built-in hygrometer, energy efficient – 28W, quiet operation – 35dB, modern pattern. It has a CE certificate, has undergone a conformity assessment procedure and meets the essential requirements in the field of safety, health, environment and consumer protection.

Humidifier - Ladybug Online Store



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