Invest 1 hour of your live, maybe it will save another.

Saving Little Lives – A Guide to Paediatric Emergencies

If you want to improve your confidence and ability to recognise key paediatric emergencies come along to this session where we will cover key presentations, investigations and initial management of the ‘not to miss’ emergencies. This will be useful for those currently studying paediatrics, final year medical students and younger years with an interest in paediatrics!Join the webinar by registering here:

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
1) Recap of A-E assessment of emergencies
2) Improve confidence in recognising and providing initial management as an FY1 for common paediatric emergencies
3) Ability to pick up on key red flags in a child’s presentation that require senior escalation and paediatric referral

Event by LearnMedicine
Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 7 PM UTC+02 – 8 PM UTC+02
Price: Free
Duration: 1 hr

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