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In our online store delivery is free for orders with minimum value of just €25 and it doesn’t matter if you live in Malta, Gozo. There’s no extra charges for Gozo or extended delivery time. Both islands are even.

You can’t come to our shop and try things, because our store exist only in the internet, but as a compensation we have extended the Free Return Policy up to 30 days – so if your not happy with your order you can send the unused items back to our address in Gozo and get 100% money back within 14 days.

To give you the best offer, some of the most popular products are already here in Gozo ready to be delivered by courier within 48 hours, but less popular or more expensive products will be shipped from Poland. To increase the variety of offered products, but in the meantime avoiding dusted warehouse full of unsold items, part of our products is available at delivery extended to 10 working days. There’s no extra cost for the international shipping and no risk as well, because ordered products will be send directly from the producer (no wholesaler involved) by local courier to our chosen shipping company in Cracow from where it will be transported on wheels directly to Malta. We are the first receiver in Malta, so we always can confirm that order is in a great condition and there was no mistake when packing. Then your order with printed receipt can be delivered to your place by courier from MaltaPost.

To make it more clear and visible we are adding one of two graphics to every product page, informing how long will the delivery take: up to 48 hours (excluding Sundays and public holidays, or up to 10 working days.

we accept vouchers

Yes, we accept Government Vouchers!

Just like last year, we do accept Government Vouchers (blue). Kindly send us a message to exchange Your Government Vouchers for code which can be used at the checkout. Vouchers can be used for standard products but also for sale items and can be combined with any other coupons. Why not.

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The point of this SALE is to clear from the products which won’t be available any longer.

Invest 1 hour of your live, maybe it will save another.

Saving Little Lives – A Guide to Paediatric Emergencies

If you want to improve your confidence and ability to recognise key paediatric emergencies come along to this session where we will cover key presentations, investigations and initial management of the ‘not to miss’ emergencies. This will be useful for those currently studying paediatrics, final year medical students and younger years with an interest in paediatrics!Join the webinar by registering here:

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
1) Recap of A-E assessment of emergencies
2) Improve confidence in recognising and providing initial management as an FY1 for common paediatric emergencies
3) Ability to pick up on key red flags in a child’s presentation that require senior escalation and paediatric referral

Event by LearnMedicine
Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 7 PM UTC+02 – 8 PM UTC+02
Price: Free
Duration: 1 hr

New is coming

Thank you for being with us nearly 2 years already. Now it’s time for some changes. Soon you will see what we are preparing for you. We can’t tell you anything more at this point, but stay with us, follow our FunPage or visit our website regularly. We will show & explain everything step by step. See you soon!

Alilo – irreplaceable in any activity, any journey, anytime.

About two weeks ago, my wife suggested to give our daughter as a gift one of Alilo bunnies – G6 a.k.a. Honey Bunny. We knew those bunnies quite well, from Kid’s Time expo, where we touched, saw and heard what they can. I had to mention that it was her idea, not mine, to give that bunny to Amelia, because personally I thought it’s a bit too expensive, it’s just a sound making toy, nice, but we could find many other toys at that price… A wise man said: “Don’t say NO to your wife unless you like to sleep on a sofa.” And this is how Bunny got to our home.

It took less than 5 minutes to change my opinion about it’s price. When we turned it on for the first time at home, we understood that we have been deceived! Inside the exposition center, with all the noise around and strong artificial light we couldn’t hear those bunnies properly – at home, we were truly shocked when we heard songs played by bunny’s speaker. Shocked in a very positive way. It doesn’t sound like a toy, absolutely! Better than mobile, better than laptop, better than TV. I could compare it to a branded portable speaker. I don’t want to write about all the futures, this you can read from product page ( More than that, I want to explain how I change my opinion about Alilo Honey Bunny from neutral to the biggest fan.

Our daughter didn’t start to speak very early. Every child develops in different way, what’s more, it is more difficult to learn to speak if the child hear different language at home, different language in childcare and even another one during shopping. Of course children catch languages easier than adults. My point is that Amelia is very encouraged to speak and record her voice using that bunny. I can hear her progress, it really helps and it’s not any kind of exercise we want her to do, it’s how she plays and she enjoys it. For me very useful is the color changing light, it is perfect to let her fall asleep in her room and then automatically turns off.

Honey Bunny became Amelia’s favorite toy and took place of Peppa Pig. Now we take bunny everywhere. Doesn’t matter if we play on the yard or going for a walk. Bunny adapts to everything: basket on the bike, doll’s pram, night table, but the best it fits her arms when she sleep.

KID’S TIME 2020 – upcoming expo

The International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child  KIDS’ TIME is held in Kielce already for the eleventh time. KIDS’ TIME is one-stop-shop for the child products and services business sector’s latest developments. The upcoming edition commences on 19 February and continues 21 February 2020.

Last year’s jubilee exhibition brought together 566 companies from around the world – the Kielce exhibition and congress centre was the meeting point. Over 20,000 meters and 9 exhibition halls, over 8,200 guests – this is KIDS ‘TIME 2019.

The upcoming expo promises to be equally magnificent. There will be plenty of exhibitors who represent over 20 countries from all corners of the world. The expo stands are the showcase for producers and distributors offer – accessories for the mother and child. The expo visitors are offered to become familiar with producers’ and distributors’ portfolio. 20 countries will be represented at the expo, and among them Belgium, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Russia, the United States, Great Britain and Italy and other countries. Thus, KIDS ‘TIME has advanced to become one of the most international exhibitions in the Targi Kielce’s portfolio. Foreign companies account for 20% of all exhibitors. Following previous years’ example, the expo was held in the b2B format.

Kids’ Time expo is the showcase for the latest achievements in the child products and services business sector. Producers and distributors of strollers, furniture, clothes and toys will put their offer on display. The exhibitors list includes Trefl, Mayoral, Maxi Cosi, Czu-Czu, Anex, La Millou and many other.  Product first-time presentations and market launches are presented at the expo. This is also the showcase for the latest technologies.

Why is it worth carrying?

Being a parent is a wonderful fulfilment, though, it is full of renouncement and hardship. You spend most of your time for caring about your baby because you would like him / her to be the happiest person under the sun. In such moments it is difficult to find time for other activities and sometimes it may be irritating. Therefore, it is worth thinking about solutions making parents ‘ life easier. It is worth carrying.



In this article from Zaffiro’s blog you will read about three great benefits of carrying babies in slings or in baby carriers:


1. Carried babies are happier and cry less.

According to research, carried babies cry 43% less by day and 54% less in the evening. It is clearly seen in societies in which babies are carried nearly all the time and cry much less. Thanks to this they do not lose their energy for crying but focus on observing surroundings just from the first moment of their life.


2. Carrying positively influences the psychosocial movement of baby.

Carrying “heart with heart” in the rhythm of your breath and sound of your heart, you give your baby a sense of safety. You makes his / her start easier and make him / her feel surer in the unknown world so far. The position of vigil got during carrying in a sling or in a baby carrier gives your baby better effects of learning the surrounding. Baby sees the world from his/her parent’s level, which is an ideal way of easy adopting of social abilities and stimulating external stimuli. The same your baby has a chance for a faster and fruitful intellectual development.


3. Carrying  positively influences physical development of baby.

While you carry your baby each your movement is accompanied by your baby’s movement, which positively influences the development of his/her musculoskeletal system. Besides, warmth and rocking absorbed by your baby supports his/her digestive system and function of other organs. It is a very good method of decreasing onerous colic and constipation. By carrying your baby in a sling or in a baby carrier you avoid the deformation of his/her skull, which appears after baby spends too much time in car seats,  prams, or swings lying. What’s more, carrying provides your baby with a comfortable position as well as natural spreading his/her legs and hands, in particular, his/her hip joints. In effect, you not only influence the right development of your baby’s body and his/her motor activity but also his/her balance sense.


Additionally, carrying in slings or in baby carriers:

  • guarantees baby warmth and closeness in which he/she feels safe and comfortable,
  • helps parents to communicate with their baby,
  • enables parents to take their baby for an interesting trip or walk to hard accessible places,
  • helps parents to cope with daily challenges.


The presented article comes from the blog of the Zaffiro brand – a recommended producer of children’s articles, valued for professionalism, high quality of products and focusing on the proper development of a child.